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Open meeting of Senate next Friday

The Steering Committee of Senate invites you to attend a special open meeting of Senate on Friday, April 9, from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. in the Concordia Concert Hall on the Loyola Campus.

You may be aware that an extension of the term of office of the Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Frederick Lowy, has been proposed. The purpose of this meeting is to create an open forum in which Dr. Lowy can address the University community and respond to questions from its members.

The Steering Committee has asked Dr. Lowy to prepare a statement which summarizes the efforts and achievements of his administration since he became Rector in August 1995, speaks to present challenges, and articulates his personal vision for Concordia's development in the immediate future. The Committee has asked Provost and Vice-Rector Research Jack Lightstone to chair. After a presentation by Dr. Lowy, questions will be accepted, in the first instance, from members of the Senate and the Board of Governors, and representatives of staff constituencies and of part-time faculty.

In an open letter published in CTR on March 18, Vice-Rector Institutional Relations and Secretary-General Marcel Danis recommended that Dr. Lowy be offered an extended mandate until May 31, 2003 (the present appointment will expire on August 14, 2000), and invited members of the Concordia community to express their thoughts on the proposed extension to the Secretary of Senate.

Similarly, the Steering Committee encourages you to convey your views after the forum either to the Secretary of Senate or to any member of the Steering Committee. All comments received on or before Friday, April 16, will be carefully considered in the course of a joint meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board and the Steering Committee of Senate, to be held on Tuesday, April 20. The aim of this joint meeting is to produce a recommendation for consideration by the full Board at its regular meeting of April 21.

-Amely Jurgenliemk
Secretary of the Board of Governors and Senate

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