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February 11, 1999      Vol. 23      No. 10

Supporters hope for new college at Loyola
We train artists for the theatre
Kit Brennan attacks our acquisitive ways in Having
Research Fellows celebrated
New ways to protect the world's crops from salt
Senate Notes
Remembering Charles Davis, 1923-1999
Campaign reception attracts more than 200 Toronto grads
Gospel musical will celebrate Black History Month with joy
Black Community Initiative puts a face on the University
Some Black History Month activities
Clifton Ruggles commemorated
A touch of mischief
Art and the Holocaust
That first aesthetic thrill
An Ounce of Prevention could save an artist's life
Ergonomics expert relieves that aching back
CSU accreditation drive stirs up a tempest
Native adoptees have an advocate
Seasoned experts pass on a little 'cycology'
Trash the diet -- and get real
Stingers women's hockey team: Quietly confident
Concordia student sets record at Games
Names in the News
In Brief
Of Note
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