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October 8, 1998 Vol. 23     No. 3

-Homecoming activities bring out a big crowd
-Appelbaum wins national award for business teaching
-Why paper airplanes are flying around the classroom
-Certificates launched in Mechanical Engineering
-Translators celebrate new MA program
-Concept of beauty is changing
-Names in the News
-Space plan proposal will go to Board of Governors
-Enrolment up at Concordia
-Liberal Arts celebrates life through classic books
-Words and The Word
-Culture comes alive for LAC students in Italy
-Ninth Annual Concordia Shuffle
-EXTRAvaganza earns $95,000 for Campaign
-The gospel according to Diane Francis
-Changing the script
-Super-sleuths at work in Alumni office
-Report shows sponsored research is climbing back
-Protest ends in confrontation, arrests
-The Commerce Placement Centre is up and running
-Recycling the profits from campus ads
-Advertising on campus raises eyebrows
-Allison Miles is pretty proud of her dad these days
-Don't mess with Tamara Medwidsky
-Blood sport
-In Brief
-The BACK page

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