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November 5, 1998      Vol. 23      No. 5

Bright prospects for CFI projects
CFI project aims to catch all the bugs
Aboriginals will not be forever passive: Fontaine
Tittler soaks up Yale experience
The glamour -- and false simplicity -- of TV history
Names in the News
Report on protest incident released
Commercialization of Concordia
War united us against evil forces
Campaign closes in on goal
New gifts enrich Concordia's Undergraduate Awards
A poet for all seasons
I Protagonisti tells the story of Italians
Books, hot off the presses
25 years of publishing in our own backyard
From the prairie to Japan, people are people
Goldberg variations on an Afro-Caribbean theme
Want to get your thesis published?
Sharon Butala and the cowboys
More books by Concordians
Political Science for the real world
Internships plunge students into the newsroom
Setting up a Web site
Celebrating Pauline Gross
From the Stingers to the Sabres
Winning varsity teams this season
In Brief
Of Note
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