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April 2, 1998
In this issue:
Vol. 22 No. 13

Trees are more resilient than we think
Deficit of $8 million forecast for 1998-99
'Targeted' research may be off the mark
Part of the LAC family
The sociologists are coming
Students hone their TV studio skills on their own mini-dramas
Alumni in the news
Names in the News
Lowy and Danis meet with La Presse journalists
PhD in Humanities: The crossover degree
Rector's report sparks discussion on funding
We're cool and elegant in 'the capital of the world,' NYC
U.S. sanctions against Cuba outdated: Cattoni
Maria Peluso: Always an activist
Dining Room attendance zooms for special lunches
Shuttle bus policies to be enforced
Irish classic is given a faithful rendition
Two Dantes compared in Lahey Lecture
Minority origins dog politicians: Weinfeld
Refugees just want the benefit of the doubt
Hydro-Québec welcomes competition
Nigerian chief asks us to sponsor women's businesses
David Smaller elected CSU president
Most students happy with teaching and access to profs
Teke in a Box raises $3,850 for charity
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