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April 1, 1999      Vol. 23      No. 13

Students take to the streets
Transportation must adapt to 21st century
Corruption is a costly, worldwide phenomenon
'Archaeological find' inspired scholar to study wall art
Enzyme linked to diabetes
At a Glance
Open meeting of Senate next Friday
University administrators confront marketplace values
Liberal Arts College celebrates 20 years
Liberal Arts College changed these lives
Defending what we know about the ancients
Finkelstein's views on Israel interest some, anger others
Business plan winner started with potatoes
Lighting the Cirque du Soleil puts spotlight on graduate
Yvonne Hardt explores history of modern dance
Volunteering assignment changed my thinking
Course encourages helping others
Rob Green wins CSU election
Sylvain Girard may go pro
Membership in the Party has its privileges
In Brief
Of Note
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