Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.1

September 9, 2004


At a Glance


Calvin Kalman (Physics) chaired the 6th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, held in Chicago from June 27 to July 3. He presented a paper on why Quarks cannot be fundamental particles. Kalman has chaired the previous conferences in Montreal, Genoa, Valencia and Vancouver. He also gave a refereed 90-minute workshop, An Interactive Introductory Course, at STLHE2004 (Society for Teaching and Learning), at the University of Ottawa from June 17 - 19. The conference theme was Experiencing the Richness of the University Mosaic: From Diversity to Individuality.

Journalism student Heather Thompson landed an internship sponsored by the UK High Commission with the Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s major newspapers, where she will spend one month on the foreign desk. Heather was one of the top students in her class last year, and won a European Union Young Journalists Award that took her to Brussels.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Saccá, Dean of Graduate Studies, who has been named to the 2004 class of Distinguished Fellows of the National Art Education Association. Her name will be announced at the First General Session of this body, to be held at a convention in Boston.

Barry Lazar (Journalism) was the co-producer, with Garry Beitel, of The Man Who Learned to Fall, a touching documentary about a writer who is slowly dying of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It was shown Sept. 22 at McGill as part of the public evening of the 15th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill.

The paper written by graduate student Girish B. Parvate-Patil, Henry Hong and Brandon W. Gordon (Mechanical/Industrial Engineering), "An Assessment of Intake and Exhaust Philosophies for Variable Valve Timing," was judged among the most outstanding SAE technical papers of 2003. The paper will appear in the SAE Journal of Engines, (September 2004). Hong is the faculty advisor for the SAE Student Chapter at Concordia, which has successfully participated in SAE competitions all over North America.

Francesca Scala (Political Science) won the Jill Vickers Prize for the best paper submitted to Canadian Political Science Association meeting. Written with Isabelle Fortier and Eric Montpetit, the paper was called “Democratic Practices vs. Expertise: The National Action Committee on the Status of Women and Canada’s Policy on Reproductive Technology.”

Professor emeritus Andrew Kawczak (Philosophy) was the keynote speaker at the June 24 - 27 international conference of the Centre for Gifted Education at the University of Calgary. His paper, “Developmental Potential and Authentic Mental Development,” is available in the proceedings of the conference.

Suresh Goyal (Decision Sciences & MIS) is a creative writer of note. Longtime CTR readers know that he has had many stories published in Hindi. Now one of his poems, My Wish, has been given an Editor’s Choice Award by the International Library of Poetry, found at

A conference is being held Oct. 13-15 at UQAM called Mending the Past: Memory and the Politics of Forgiveness. It is sponsored by the Institut d’études de Montréal and CRIC, the Centre de recherché sur l’immigration, l’ethnicité et la citoyenneté. Daniel Salée (School of Community and Public Affairs) will be a discussant at a session on indigenous people in the Americas.