Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.2

September 23, 2004


Busy summer of construction and renovation


A lot of hammering and drilling was heard on both campuses over the summer. The most spectacular work was on the Integrated Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Complex at the corner of Guy and Ste. Catherine Sts.

The huge, translucent art installation by Nicholas Baier is being installed on the complex’s east wall, and will be unveiled in late September. The 17-storey building is scheduled for completion in 2005.

However, that’s not all the work that has gone on. The team at Facilities Planning and Development provided a list of recent projects.

The Drummond complex on the Loyola Campus is being renovated to house the Journalism and Communication Studies Departments, and is expected to be ready in summer 2005.

With more students attending the Loyola Campus, a new 70-seat classroom, SP-265-7, has been made available in the Science Complex. It is a classroom on a flat floor, with standard AV equipment, under the Registrar's jurisdiction.

Renovations to the former Jesuit residence, on the north west side of the Loyola Campus, have been postponed because Vice-President Services Michael Di Grappa is waiting for a business plan for residence services. However, Lehoux is targeting summer 2005 for delivery of this project.

Substantial work has been done on the Henry F. Hall Building. A large amphitheatre has been created on the fifth and sixth floors. Floors eight to 12 are being renovated for the social science departments, and the mechanical penthouse on the roof has been replaced to support these major renovations.

In the lobby, a new “café international” is being constructed in the lobby, and the security offices have been relocated. The Guy Metro Building has undergone extensive work, including renovation of the heating and cooling systems, and it will continue this winter. In the J.W. McConnell Building, the library has got a new information desk on the second floor.

And if it seems to you that Concordia is bursting at the seams, you could be right. The university is renting SGW classroom space at St. James the Apostle Church, 1439 St. Catherine St. W., garden entrance (building code SJ) and at the Grey Nuns, 1185 St. Mathieu (building code GN).