Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.5

November 4, 2004


First annual research report


Vice-Provost Research Truong Vo-Van and the staff of the Office of Research have published the first annual report on research at the university.

It takes the form of a colourful 18-page viewbook of photos and articles about research and creative work around the university, from a project on early literacy to the growing collaborations between artists and engineers.

Vo-Van called the publication of the report a milestone. As an institution long known for its teaching, Concordia can now celebrate its research successes as well. Revenues from research and creation have shown an exceptional 150-per-cent increase in the past five years.

“We must show the public that benefits derived from research are multifaceted,” Vo-Van said. Research and creative activities contribute in a vital way to academic programs, help us define ourselves as an institution, give shape to progressive social policies, and create new wealth through inventions and discoveries.

To get copies of the report, please contact Alan Wong at ext. 7336 or