Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.5

November 4, 2004




Lackadaisical on cheating?

It saddened me to read that “everybody knows” it's easy to copy an exam (CTR, Oct. 21, “An engineering student speaks out against cheating”). As an instructor at the John Molson School of Business since 1982, I have not found Concordia students unusual.

What I found different is the easygoing attitude of the administration towards cheating cases.

Years ago, I caught MBA students cheating. I reported it to the program director, who asked me to contact the registrar, who advised me to make a formal complaint to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Months passed by and nothing happened. I sent a note asking about the status of my complaint. I was told that a committee to hear the complaint could not be formed within the required time, so the charges against the students were dropped, and I was ordered to grade them on the assumption that no cheating took place.

Needless to say, whenever I met those students, they always gave me a look which made me very uncomfortable. With such an experience, can you imagine me filing a cheating charge against any student?

S.K. Goyal, Decision Sciences & MIS