Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 29, No.10

February 10, 2005


First Science Fair held today


The first job fair aimed specifically at science students will be held today at the Richard J. Renaud Science Complex.

The event was organized to replace the big Arts and Science Career Fair of the past with one for the pure sciences and one for the social sciences and humanities, which was held Feb. 3.

This fair will cater specifically to students in Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Exercise Science, Physics and Psychology.

Dean June Chaikelson held a breakfast this morning for the employers and led tours of the new complex. Thirteen companies attended, set up booths and are meeting with students.

“Concordia must make its mark among employers, since we compete with three other universities in Montreal,” said Manager of Career Services Elaine Arsenault.

Robert Taliano, an advisor in Career Services, said, “The fair is a great way to highlight the sciences, our students, and the new building. There are enough employers of science students interested in attending to justify a separate fair.”

Like all students, Taliano said, science students are challenged by their first job after graduation.

“They feel they are on their own and have to forge their own path, hit the street, send out job applications, and go to interviews. Career Services will help students with this transition by offering them the chance to meet with employers on their own turf, right on campus.”

An hour-long workshop to prepare for the job fair was given four times, twice on each campus, and Taliano said it was well attended.

“The fair is a chance for all students — not only those in their final year — to practice speaking to employers, ask about careers, and start networking with professionals. Some organizations offer internships for students in their second or third years.

“We advise students to begin preparing for their working career while they are still in school, so that when the time comes to start their job search, they will know much more about their field of interest, companies they can apply to, and that often-overlooked, ever-important skill of learning how to talk to professionals and recruiters in the professional world. Attending a career fair is an excellent way to do this for students in all phases of their education.”