Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.15

May 6, 2004


ENCS celebrates outstanding staff

By Marc Bourcier, Communications, ENCS

ENCS staff awards

Dean Nabil Esmail presented Staff Excellence Awards to Charlene Wald, winner in the office category, and Joseph Hulet, winner in the technical category.
Photo by Marc Bourcier

Staff Excellence Awards in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science happen to go this year to two members of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Charlene Wald, and Joseph Hulet. Recipients are nominated by their peers and chosen by a committee.

Charlene joined the Department in 1996, and has played a leading role in improving the quality of its graduate programs. In addition to her excellent knowledge of the rules and regulations of graduate studies, she strives to provide personalized service to every student, despite an increased workload.

She supports everyone she works with, but most of all she supports the students, many of whom are from overseas. Her interest in their student life is genuine and her extra personal touch makes them feel welcome and confident.

Joseph began working at Sir George Williams as a CEGEP student in 1969, and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. By the mid-1980s, while working on his PhD, he became a full-time lab instructor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1994, he became a systems analyst.

Growth in his area has been enormous. The MIE Department is now equipped with three labs holding nearly 200 computers. Hulot has dedicated himself to the smooth operation of the Department’s IT activities, while supervising two systems analysts.

Moving, repairing, installing new computers and software, warning of virus attacks and keeping the server running — he does it all with a smile and with a tremendous sense of pride. His experience and talents have contributed enormously to the strength and growth of the Department.

Whenever he is asked to give assistance, he is always extremely positive and responsive. He will gladly help any student, staff or faculty member in a congenial manner. His flexibility and great team spirit make it a pleasure for colleagues to work with him.