Concordia's Thursday Report

Vol. 28, No.16

May 20, 2004


Educational survey online: HR & ER


Human Resources and Employee Relations are updating their records of employees’ education. Many take advantage of tuition waivers and get external training and development, professional certifications and degrees. Unfortunately, this information is not always communicated to HRER, and many records are therefore out of date.

A web form has been developed, tested, and is now online. It can be accessed through the Concordia portal under “Faculty and Staff Services.” The Education Survey can be found under the sub-menu titled “Employee Self Service.”

The web form is designed to record multiple degrees and professional certifications, and comprises drop-down menus with standard degree and certificate names.

Provision has been made for entering educational qualifications other than those offered in the drop-down menus, as well as fields to record Honours and comments on programs and awards.

Those who choose to participate will be contacted by HRER and asked to provide confirmation before the information is officially entered into the HR information system.

For more information on the survey or assistance in completing the form, employees can call Rick Bisaillon, at ext. 3682 in Employment and Employee Development.

Full-time faculty should call Donna Stewart at ext. 3680, and part-time faculty, Suzanne Downs at ext. 3670, in Academic Relations.