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June 6, 2002 Monday's violent events evoke shame and dismay: Rector's message



A shameful and distressing event occurred Monday at Concordia University. A speaker, invited by a student group, was prevented from speaking by the use of violence and intimidation. Some students and visitors were threatened and jostled. University property was damaged.

In a university that prides itself on openness, tolerance of diversity and freedom of expression, such actions evoke shame and dismay. They cannot and will not be tolerated.

The following steps will be taken immediately:

1. Normal operations resumed, on Tuesday, September 10. The Hall Building was open as usual. Students, professors and staff can be assured that appropriate security will be in place.

2. Those identified as having provoked or engaged in violence or vandalism will be prosecuted and their student status reviewed.

3. What is needed now is a period of restraint. A moratorium on the use of university space for events related to the Middle East conflict will be instituted immediately and until further notice.

This includes a moratorium on public speeches, rallies, exhibits and information tables. We will be meeting with student leaders to develop a more long-term policy in this regard.

Concordia has no intention of abandoning its tradition of free expression. It is not acceptable for the university to be disrupted in the manner that occurred on Monday.

Frederick Lowy, Rector and Vice-Chancellor

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