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October 24, 2002 Student Life Awards honour leadership, teaching, service



Some of the CCSL award winners, seen at the ceremony on April 11, are, seated, left to right, Professor Bill Reimer (or a facsimile thereof), and Professor Fran Shaver, Jenny Calder and Claudette Fortier, from the International Students Office, and Laurel Smith, from Fine Arts. Behind them are Claire Beaudreault (ISO), journalist Tim McSorley and sociology graduate student Stefania Traglia.

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Every year, the Concordia Council for Student Life gives out awards based on nominations from students.

Here is the 2002-03 edition of winners, celebrated at a reception on April 11 in the SGW Faculty Club:

Sobia Virk was given a Media Award for her coverage for The Link of the substantial growth of the Muslim Students Association, and her other activities to promote the interests of Muslim students on the board of governors, university senate and other bodies.

Tim McSorley, a writer for The Concordian, got a Media Award for his dedication and helpfulness to both student newspapers. Yves Engler, in his nomination, said that McSorley “has the journalistic knack. He has that combination of being informed and being able to write clearly . . . Like any serious journalist, he understands his role in shaping the world.”

Awards for Teaching Excellence went to sociology professor William Reimer and mechanical engineering professor Rama Bhat. Tara Lyons, who signed her nomination “A Grateful Student,” paid tribute to Reimer’s innovative use of technology, availability to students, fairness and enthusiasm. Fran Shaver got a laugh with a life-sized sign of her husband’s face, and expressed his gratitude and regret that travel prevented him from accepting the award in person.

For Professor Bhat, it was a busy day, as he presided over a prize-giving in his own department at lunchtime and then received his own award later in the day.

Three students who signed his nomination wrote that as well as being chair of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Bhat “has more graduate students under him than any other professor in the department . . . He makes sure that every one in the class understands the subject properly. He gives a lot of importance to basic concepts, which are essential to engineering students.”

Merit Awards were given to eight people, including Stephan Herman, chief electoral officer for student union elections two years in a row during a particularly turbulent period in student politics. Bilal Hamideh, who presented the award, praised Herman for impartiality and efficiency.

Merit Awards were also presented to Arlene Zimmerman, secretary in CONCAVE, the engineering facility located on St. Jacques St., halfway between the two campuses; to Amir Al-Shourbaji, vice-president of the Muslim Students Association; to Laurel Smith, student life advisor in Fine Arts, for her help with the Art Matters festival and other initiatives to promote students’ work; and the administrative staff of the International Students Office, Claudette Fortier, Pat Hardt, Jenny Calder and Claire Beaudreault.

Outstanding Contribution Awards were presented to Seanna Miller, vice-president academic in the John Molson School of Business; Bilal Hamideh, president of the Muslim Students Association for the past three years; Stefania Traglia, for her contributions to graduate students in the sociology program; Emily Pearlman and Craig Desson, organizers of this year’s edition of Art Matters; and Peter Tragoulias, president of CASA, the business students association.

The awards committee comprised Fran Shaver, Reine Perreault, Bilal Hamideh, André Munro and Keith Pruden.