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November 7, 2002 Recent publications by Concordians



Management Professor Rick Molz, with Frederic Will, has written Field Research in North American Agricultural Commun-ities: Products and Profiles from the North American Family. Mellen, the book’s publisher, describes it: “The book is based on field research in agricultural communities in Chiapas [Mexico], Quebec and Iowa. It is both an academic and a warm-hearted study of the social and human factors embedded within the three agricultural communities making up the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

Poet and Concordia alumnus Sharon H. Nelson has a new book out, This Flesh These Words (Ekstasis Editions). It reflects on friendship, loss, community and language. If you are interested in her work, visit http://www3.sympatico.ca/sharon.nelson.

Professor Emeritus Henry Beissel is publishing The Dragon and the Pearl (BuschekBooks, Ottawa), a book of poems based on several months spent teaching and touring in China. He is also working on a novel set between 1929 and 1945 in Germany, the years of his own youth there. He is “humanist-at-large” for the publication The Humanist in Canada, and has come back to Concordia this term to teach writing for children in the English Department.

Vered Amit (Sociology and Anthropology) was the editor of a book published last February and called Realizing Community: Concepts, Social Relationships and Sentiments (Routledge). In August, she published another book co-authored with Nigel Rapport, called The Trouble With Community: Anthropological Reflections on Movement, Identity and Collectivity (Pluto Press).

Christine Jourdan (Sociology and Anthropology) has published a book, Solomon Islands Pijin: A Trilingual Cultural Dictionary (Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, Series C).

Greg Nielsen (Sociology and Anthropology) has written The Norms of Answerability: Social Theory Between Bakhtin and Habermas (Albany: SUNY Press). He took part in a 10-person Ford Foundation think tank on human rights and Latin America whose first meeting was held at the American University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dec. 5-6.

Jean-Philippe Warren (Sociology and Anthropology) and co-author E. Martin Meunier have published a book called Sortir de la ‘Grande noirceur’: L’horizon ‘personnaliste’ de la Révolution tranquille, Québec.

A.K. Athienitis (Building/ Civil/Environmental Engineering) has published a book entitled Thermal Analysis and Design of Passive Solar Buildings. It was co-authored with M. Santamouris, and published by James and James, Science Publishers (The Cromwell Press, U.K.).