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October 24, 2002 Appointment



Peter Côté

Peter Côté Appointed

Peter Côté has been appointed Interim Advisor on Rights and Responsibilities for a one-year term that began Dec. 2, taking over the duties of Sally Spilhaus, who is on sick leave from the university.

The Office of Rights and Responsibilities is charged with administering the Code of Rights and Responsibilities, which sets standards of conduct for all members of the university, and co-ordinates a system for identifying and managing behaviour that may pose a danger to others in the university.

The position of Advisor on Rights and Responsibilities was created in 1996 and reports directly to the Rector.

The Advisor has three main functions: to advise and assist university members who have a problem related to someone’s behaviour, to receive and expedite formal complaints, and finally, to co-ordinate the university’s response to any situation where someone’s behaviour may pose a danger to others.

Peter Côté has been a chaplain at Concordia since 1986, and has been Co-ordinator of the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy since June 1, 2001. A frequent volunteer at the university, he has served as president of CUPEU, the professional employees’ union (1999-01).

He has also been active in the wider community, as president of the board of directors of Catholic Community Services of Montreal (1995-97), and as a member of the National Advisory Board for Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry (1998-02). He has a BA in history from Concordia (1981).

All the best in your new post, Peter.