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October 24, 2002 Concordia Centraide raises $115,000



Angela Blasi, in classical costume, sells baking and luncheon items at the John Molson School of Business.

Johanne Richard (Purchasing Services) waylaying passersby on de Maisonneuve Blvd.

Photos by Andrew Dobrowolskyj


by Barbara Black

Centraide campaign used imagination to raise $115,000 Centraide, which provides much-needed operating funds for more than 250 charities around Montreal, benefited from Concordians’ generosity this year to the tune of about $115,000. However, judging from the photos above, the campaign provided a lot of fun for organizers of fundraising events, especially on Halloween.

The John Molson School of Business bake sale and lunch (top left) is probably one of the biggest annual fundraisers, thanks to the persuasive talents of Murielle Salari, and the assistance of Ramona Sénécal, Karen Fiddler, Chen Fang Huang, Cherine Ziraniri, and others, including JMSB Director of Academic Advising Services, Monir Wahhab, who makes falafel to order. Many of these staff members sold more than 150 teddy bears for Centraide only a week later. The Stinger Bee was buzzing around Centraide events, thanks to Fred De Luca and Lise Tavares, who wore the costume at the opening and the Thank You draw, respectively.
Dressed as a witch, Francine Kolodychuk, the supervisor of the Copy Centre in the McConnell Building, must have frightened passersby into donating to Centraide. She sold apples for about two weeks and organized an event on Halloween. A putting game was part of fundraising events on Oct. 31 on the downtown campus. The game was built by our own Physical Resources staff. Dina Tavares organized a bake sale in the courtyard of Bishop Court on Oct. 31. Thanks to firewoman Tavares and Viking maids Shelagh Peden and Laura Perlmutter (Internal Relations)
Students also raised money for Centraide, including loony lines and parties. Most of the active students were business and engineering students, but there were others, notably the Iranian Students Association, who made a substantial donation.

Many merit congratulations and thanks, including energetic co-chairs Danielle Morin and Patricia Posius, the indefatigable raffle coordinator Ann Bennett, helpful money manager Gerry Jones, and a fine committee made up mainly of women staff members in the School of Business and Bishop Court.

Murielle Salari and Ramona Sénécal were named JMSB Centraide Volunteers of the Year for their incredible dedication.