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September 13, 2001 Building begins at Concordia




York demolition

Science complex takes shape

It’s been a dusty, noisy, but productive summer at Concordia’s Loyola campus, as construction began on the $85-million science complex. Several hundred people turned out for the groundbreaking ceremony on the first hot day of the summer, June 15 (photo, above). Part of the Bryan Building was demolished over the summer. It will be incorporated into the new building.

Lines of communication were established with residents in the normally quiet Loyola area, to try to minimize the disruption. Excavation is ending this week. The next step is to pour cement. You can watch the progress of the science complex from the comfort of your desk, thanks to a webcam at http://buildings.concordia.ca/webcam.

Le Quartier site razed

Downtown, at what has been dubbed Le Quartier Concordia, the York Cinema was demolished in late August to make way for a new engineering/visual arts building. Excavation of the site will probably start early in 2002.

More information about Concordia’s building projects is available on Concordia University’s web site: http://buildings.concordia.ca/.