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October 11, 2001 Appointments to the Faculty of Fine Arts




Dean Christopher Jackson has been appointed Acting Director-General of the Institute for Research and Creation in Media Arts and Technologies (Hexagram). You will read more about Hexagram in a future issue of CTR.

John Locke
has concluded his appointment as Associate Dean, Space Planning, but will continue to be responsible for the new buildings project.

Wolf Krol has been appointed Associate Dean, Physical Resources, for a three-year term.

Kathleen Perry continues to be Associate Dean of Resources and Development. She has also been appointed to the university negotiating team for the CUFA collective agreement.

Barbara Layne continues as Associate Dean of Research, with responsibility for the Faculty’s CFI submission and the development of future research facilities.

Andrea Fairchild will continue as Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, and has been named executive dean to assist Jackson during his directorship of Hexagram. On January 1, Brian Foss will replace her for a three-year term.

P.K. Langshaw has been named Chair of the Department of Design Art as well as coordinator for the Digital Image and Sound program.

Michael Longford is Director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice.

Michelina Sardella is Administrator for the Department of Design Art as well as Digital Image and Sound.

Amanda French is a recruitment officer in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Rebecca Doll is replacing Heather Markgraf, Theatre Facilities Director, while Heather is on leave.