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September 27, 2001 Concordia students build bridges to Montreal's poor



A new 18-credit graduate program in e-business was launched last week by the John Molson School of Business.

Anne-Marie Croteau, director of the program, said that it is one of the shortest programs of its kind now available for advanced students.

“The students who are currently enrolled in our first year of the program have diverse backgrounds, and most of them already have a master’s degree,” she said. “They show a high degree of enthusiasm for the potential of e-business.

“People who wish to pursue a career in e-business need a combination of technology and business training. The Graduate Certificate in e-Business provides this training, and will graduate students who will be innovators in their field.”

The program is offered to both full-time and part-time students. It comprises two core courses that cover the fundamentals and underlying technologies. Four additional courses can then be selected from the management and technology streams.

In the management stream, courses include e-Marketing, e-Business Supply Chain, Management Control in the e-Business Environment, e-Business Financial Management & Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery.

In the technology stream, courses include Systems Development Methodologies for e-Business, Models and Systems, Web-Site Construction and Management, Network and Communication Infrastructure and Data and Knowledge Management.

For more information, please contact 848-2781 or gceb@jmsb.concordia.ca.