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November 22, 2001 Concordia Student Union election runs from November 27-29



A debate is scheduled for this afternoon (Nov. 22, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.) in H-110 of the Henry F. Hall Building. Polling takes place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in various locations on both campuses over three days. Information posters are numerous.

Five referendum questions put to students

There are five referendum questions on the ballot of the Nov. 27-29 Concordia Student Union election.

One question demands that the university cancel its new policy to exact a 1.61-per-cent “bad debt” penalty on the money collected from student fees and transferred to student organizations (See Quebec funding formula).

Another would create a parallel, or alternative, dean of students. Here is the wording of the question: “Are you in favour of democratizing the position of dean of students in annual elections where all students will be eligible to vote instead of only the rector?

“The outgoing [sic] dean of students will have his/her name automatically placed on the ballot and anybody else can run for the position by filling in the appropriate nomination form. The first election will be held in the winter semester of 2002 and the elected dean will be accountable to the student body instead of solely to the university administration.”

A third referendum calls on government of the U.S. to immediately cease all military operations against Afghanistan and refer the Sept. 11 attacks to an international court. The remaining two questions on the ballot concern funding for student clubs.

Slates of Concordia Student Union candidates

New Organized Way: Luis Diaz, David Lavine, Mindy Eklove, Jeffrey Lerman, Christopher Dubois, Lloydic Monestime, Michael Vicentijevic, John Gravel

The Left Opposition for a Really, Really Democratic Representative Union: Tom Keefer, Stephane Desautels, Trish McIntosh, Yves Engler, Susana Vargas

Students Who Have an Understanding of Lampoon and Have Tremendous Zeal: Payam Montazami, Phil Jandaly, Michael Imam-Amin, Hovig Yeraz Papazian

Representative Union: Chris Schulz, Arielle Reid, Jonathan Laberge, Sean Morrow, Sameer Zuberi, Sharon Koifman, Nili Yavin

The Umbrella Party: Zev Tiefenbach, Melina Bondy, Anna-Louse Crago,
Samer Elatrash, Gary Chatteram

For the full referendum questions, please consult the Concordia Student Union Web site, at http://csu.tao.ca/news.html#refer. The chief electoral officer can be reached at ceo@csu.tao.ca.