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May 9, 2002 Annual Giving is a way to show appreciation


by Joanne Beaudoin

An open letter to staff from the outgoing administrative and support staff representative on Concordia’s Board of Governors :

I have been the staff representative on the Board of Governors for the past three years, and my term will end this June. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all staff members at Concordia for their contributions to the university, and for making me proud of the group of men and women whom I have represented.

Our university is about to undergo its greatest growth ever; we are building new facilities that will forever entrench our presence in the city of Montreal, and we will have two viable and vibrant campuses to call our own. Our enrolments are going up, when demographics keep telling us they should be going down. The word is out there that Concordia University is a first-rate and first-class institution.

A great part of our success is due to you, the employee who never gives up on this wonderful institution; you love Concordia, and would defend it to anyone who failed to see its virtues. Concordia has unique academic programs, athletic excellence, and a heart and soul that I don’t think exist at our “rival” institutions. Having recently marked our 25th anniversary as a university, Concordia is now beginning to benefit from the presence of second-generation Concordians, and we are seeing our base of loyal students, retirees and alumni grow.

I used to visit my father in his office in Bishop Court when I was a young girl. I was an undergraduate here in the ’70s, in the first women’s studies program in Canada. My sister played hockey for the Concordia Stingers when most women could only dream of being on a varsity hockey team. I have worked here part-time and full-time, from the Norris Building to the Arena to Bishop Court, to the GM Building and now the annexes.

One thing has remained consistent throughout my 25-year relationship with this institution: the people with whom I have worked and with whom I have interacted were and are dedicated, helpful and passionate individuals; whatever internal issues were the preoccupation of the moment, your enthusiasm has never been dampened.

As you always have been able to do in the past, please continue to show your appreciation for an institution that means so much to you. Annual Giving is one more way of committing yourself to making Concordia University live up to its potential that we, as staff members, have always known it to have.

Joanne Beaudoin is Administrative Director of Graduate Studies.


Marcel Danis

“Hello, my name is Marcel and I’ll be serving you this afternoon.”

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Staff Appeal served up in style

Vice-Rector Marcel Danis (at left) hosted a luncheon on April 24 to launch the staff appeal for funds for the university. The guests were staff in Vice-Rector Institutional Relations/Secretary-General, plus the Rector’s Office and Financial Services — and the servers were their directors and some of their colleagues. Similar events in other areas are being organized.

As an incentive, there were draws of donors’ names. The winners of the first four draws for $50 gift certificates from Tristan & America are: Terry Too (Office of the Registrar), Karen Ayotte-Guibord (Vanier Library), Irene Ferullo (Vice-Rector Institutional Relations/Secretary-General) and Judith A. Robinson (Purchasing Services).

These draws will continue weekly until the end of May, when they will culminate in a grand prize. All staff donors who are presently giving or have filled out a pledge card are automatically eligible.