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March 14, 2002 Students to vote March 26-28



CSU electoral officer

Stephan Herman, chief electoral officer

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

by Barbara Black

Stephan Herman (in the hat) and Youri Cormier (in the background) are determined to oversee a fair, transparent and vigorous student election.

Herman is chief electoral officer and Cormier is his deputy, although Herman says he considers him an equal partner. The pair held a news conference March 1 to lay out their plans for the coming contest.

These include information booths, one on each campus, with the latest information on nominations and balloting, and electronic monitoring of the voters’ list.

Herman, 27 and a political science student, says he’s determined to increase voter participation beyond the all-time record of nearly 15 per cent in the November by-election.

“I’ll make animal balloons, juggle,” he said facetiously. “I’ll grab people as they go up the elevator — harass them, if need be.”

This is Herman’s first foray into student politics, but he radiates the assurance of a seasoned pol. He was involved in the No campaign for the 1995 sovereignty referendum, and worked on a campaign for city councillor Robert Libman.

One of the first things he noticed was that the Jewish Passover starts at sundown in the middle of the voting period, on March 27. However, the CSU constitution stipulates that the election be held on the last three days of March that the university is open.

Herman said that an observant Jew could vote during about 50 per cent of the three-day period. “There would be one full day [March 26], another full day until sundown [March 27], and even on the third day, he or she could take time out from services to vote.”

The nomination period ended March 11 at midnight. Debates will be held March 19 in H-110 and March 21 at The Hive, on the Loyola Campus. A Meet the Candidate Night is scheduled for tonight at Reggie’s Pub, in the Hall Building.

Slates in the 2002 student elections

Representative Union
President: Chris Schulz
VP Finance: John Evans
VP External: Yasmin Gardad
VP Internal: Mindy Eklove
VP Academic: Adeel Metali
VP Services: Riccardo Fillipone
VP Communications: Saira Haseeb Khalid

Team Can Do
President: Sabine Friesinger
VP Academic: Ralph Lee
VP Campaigns: Aaron Mate
VP Communications: Kealia Curtis
VP Finance: Sameer Zuberi
VP External: Geneva Guerin
VP Internal: Yves Engler