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June 6, 2002 Food Services partnership formed



by Barbara Black

The university has formed a partnership with Chartwells, that began June 1. Chartwells already handles the food service needs of several Quebec educational institutions, including Bishop’s, Marianopolis College and a portion of services at McGill, as well as the University of New Brunswick, Memorial University and Carleton.

The search for a new campus food vendor began in January 2001 with the first comprehensive analysis of the overall food contract needs of the university in 25 years. Vice-Rector Services Michael Di Grappa, summarizing the selection process, said, “We wanted change: specifically, a renewed commitment to service to our students and staff, and exciting food options and eating venues that would entice all members of the community to eat on campus. I am confident that with the choice of Chartwells, we will succeed.”

Five vendors responded to the public tender, three of whom were invited to present their company profile, products and overall vision for Concordia to a food services committee representing the major stakeholders. The recommendation of this group was to choose Chartwells.

With Chartwells, the university will revitalize long-neglected space at the Loyola Campus, introduce new food concepts, renew its commitment to food quality and service, and build on the established customer traffic of the downtown locations. In addition, access to technologies such as catering software and an on-line meal plan system will improve internal operations.
Continuity of service will be assured during the transition period, including major events planned for June. There will, however, be major renovations of existing food service facilities and several new service initiatives.

Keep informed about ongoing food service improvements by logging on to the Concordia home page at: www.concordia.ca. If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Posius, Administrator, Vice-Rector Services, at 848-4816 or Johanne de Cubellis, Auxiliary Services Assistant Director at 848-4951.