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January 10, 2002 Conservation Cocktail reunites old friends at the Ellen Gallery



Robert Gervais, Louis Muhlstock

At the Conservation Cocktail, visitors also viewed an exhibition of portraits. Above are Stephanie Miller, great–niece of the late painter Louis Muhlstock, and fine arts graduate and teacher Robert Gervais. The current show, which opens today, is called Facult[é]y exposition 002, and features work by members of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Photo by Christian Fleury

More than 100 patrons of Concordia’s Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery attended a “conservation cocktail” on Dec. 6.

The event, organized and supported by the gallery’s board of advisors, was aimed at raising awareness of the need to conserve or preserve more than 50 works in the permanent collection, including ones by Jean-Paul Riopelle, Rita Letendre and Guido Molinari.

The visitors looked at a special display of objects in need of conservation, and were given tours of the permanent collection storage area. Altogether, their visit gave them an appreciation of the various facets of the gallery’s collection and the importance of protecting it for future generations.

Interim Director Lynn Beavis introduced Laszlo Cser, who was flown in from Toronto to give an address. Cser, a conservator who is recognized for his restoration of the Library of Parliament as well as of Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, spoke on the role of the conservator in the art world. His analogy of the works being old friends in need of attention struck a chord with many in the room who are donors to the Gallery.

The Conservation Cocktail, the first in a series of events planned by the gallery, and members of the advisory board have pledged more than $50,000 toward the effort.

Helaine Kliger, chair of the board, remarked, “With such a solid base to work from, we plan to continue increasing public awareness about the art gallery and the importance of preserving its treasures.”