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February 7, 2002 Marriage proposal in the Hall Building



Nico Spanoyiannis, Nicole Nigro

Nick on bended knee, as Nicole considers.

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

There was love amongst the Erlenmeyer flasks on Saturday, Feb. 2, when Nick Spanoyiannis (BSc 2000) sprang a surprise marriage proposal on Nicole Nigro (BSc 1997).

Spanoyiannis popped the question in a chemistry lab on the 10th floor of the Hall Building, site of the couple’s first meeting on Jan. 31, 1996.

Nigro and Spanoyiannis met completely by chance during an analytical chemistry course. Finding herself without a lab partner on the first day, Nigro called across the room to the only other straggler — and they were dating before midterms.

Nigro admits she had been expecting a proposal — two days earlier, on the six-year anniversary of the day they met. Disappointment, however, would soon give way to excitement.

“I was not expecting this!” she said, noting that she hadn’t returned to the campus since graduation. Spanoyiannis tricked her into visiting the lab by claiming they were meeting friends on campus before going to dinner.

When the friends failed to show, he suggested they walk around for old time’s sake. A security guard who just “happened” to be near the lab unlocked the door for the lovebirds . . . and soon enough Spanoyiannis was on bended knee.

Actually, the security guard’s presence was the result of weeks of behind-the scenes planning. Spanoyiannis had sought assistance with his plan from the university’s Public Affairs Department. An arrangement was made with Security to unlock the lab and a CTR photographer was lurking in the hallway awaiting his cue.

The happy couple have yet to set a date for their wedding.