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February 28, 2002 Chinese journalists visit Concordia



Journalists from Chinese newspapers with readership in the millions visited Concordia recently. The writers — from the China Daily, People’s Daily, Beijing Evening News, China Youth Daily, Guang Ming Daily and Beijing Youth Daily — were with a group of 34 students from Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada (BCCSC), a private institution.

The group was led by Francis Pang, chairman of Concord College’s board, and several other officials of the school. The objective of their visit was to learn about Concordia’s academic programs, and they met with the Rector, Director of Recruitment, Director of Continuing Education, and the Director of Concordia’s Centre for International Academic Cooperation.

The latter, Professor Balbir Sahni, said, “Concordia University is well regarded in China, largely because of our longstanding links with a cross-section of Chinese institutions, both public and private, about a dozen, plus the Ministry of Education.

“The journalists, who were invited by BCCSC, showed tremendous interest. They visited both campuses, and in particular, were impressed by the Science Complex under construction, thanks to an escorted tour by John Capobianco.”

Sahni said that with since an accord was signed two years ago, BCCSC has shown a steady increase in applications, and this year, 25 BCCSC students are registered. Chinese enrolment is increasing overall, he said. “While our aggregate international students’ enrolment has gone up by 15.5 per cent, our intake from China is up by 47 per cent.”

In the midst of their visit, Chinese new year occurred, and at midnight, Beijing time, everyone paused to toast the Year of the Horse.