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December 6, 2001 In Memoriam



Rosemary Miller 1928 – 2001

Rosemary Miller, who died on Nov. 20, aged 73, was one of the valued instructors in the Department of Drawing and Painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts. She served as a part-time instructor for 26 years. She was born in England, and studied at the Ealing School of Art, London. She spent a number of years in Spain before moving to Canada with her husband, Professor John Miller.

Rosemary was the longest-serving part-time instructor in the Department. She participated in a number of extra-departmental duties without remuneration, solely for the benefit of students and faculty.

She was one of a small group of innovative teachers who developed an early Fundamentals of Vision course, ART231. Rosemary was later elected to serve as the part-time instructors’ representative to departmental meetings, contributing in an incisive and thoughtful manner.
She was also one of the most important members of a group of teachers in a pilot program that was the first multi-media course in the Faculty.

Rosemary was a multi-talented woman of varied artistic interests, including drawing, painting, kitting and photography. She was an avid gardener, particularly after she and her husband moved to the Eastern Townships.

In her later years, she continued to work in the studio, and her watercolours enjoyed wide popularity. As well, she continued to meet monthly in Montreal with a group of other women artists.

Rosemary was one of those few artists who never sought celebrity for its own sake, but was content to work away in her chosen disciplines, becoming a most valued instructor, esteemed by students and staff alike.

She is survived by her husband John and four daughters, Celia, Sarah, Tanya and Jesse. Our sympathies are extended to them.

—Patrick Landsley, Professor (retired), Fine Arts