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December 6, 2001 Teaching program for new engineering faculty



A program specifically requested by and designed for the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is being given over three days this week by Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning Services (CTLS).

In particular, the course focuses on the latest knowledge about how students learn engineering concepts, discipline-specific teaching techniques, effective course and lesson planning, and classroom applications of technology.

The three-day intensive course started Tuesday and has run over three full days for a dozen new members of the Faculty. The presenters include experts in engineering education, recipients of teaching awards at Concordia, and faculty developers, as they are called, in the CTLS.

Here are some of the objectives of the challenging program: to recognize what makes an effective university engineering teacher; reflect on what participants need to change in their own teaching practice; use strategies for simplifying explanations in engineering subjects; motivate student interest in engineering subjects; use teaching techniques that work in engineering courses; create effective course and lesson plans; develop effective classroom observation and feedback strategies; use technology judiciously in their own classroom; develop a teaching dossier for tenure and promotion; and participate in a peer-to-to-peer learning community.

The program was developed at the request of Dean Nabil Esmail.

The director of the CTLS is Olivia Rovinescu, the assistant director is Heather MacKenzie and Janette Barrington is the pedagogical consultant.