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April 11, 2002 Staff appeal will emphasize person-to-person approach



by Laurie Zack

Don’t be surprised if a co-worker soon approaches you to contribute to this year’s staff appeal. Canvassing is beginning this week, and volunteers have been recruited to meet with their co-workers in both one-on-one and office meetings.

“We want this to be a people-to-people campaign,” said Annual Campaign co-chair Irvin Dudeck. “Staff at Concordia are sensitive to student needs and very dedicated to the institution. We want to be sure that they can discuss their gift and target their contribution to the area of their choice.”

The emphasis on the campaign is participation. The goal is to retain the Capital Campaign donors whose pledges are ending this year and to increase the internal community’s giving participation rate from its present 33-per-cent level.

“There are a lot of new faces at Concordia since the end of the Capital Campaign in 1999: we want to recruit 300 new donors,” added appeal coordinator Dorothy Massimo.

“We’ve heard this before, but it couldn’t be truer. Outside donors do look at the internal support when they are considering giving to the university. This is as true for support of student accessibility, the quality of the learning environment and research capacity of the institution as it is for the building fund. When we invest in the university, we encourage others to follow our lead. Staff at Concordia has always been out front in supporting Concordia.”

During the 1983-87 Capital Campaign, faculty and staff contributed $249,545. The faculty and staff goal for the 1997-1999 Campaign for a New Millennium was set at $500,000, with a challenge goal of $750,000. Not only was this original goal reached, but the challenge goal was also surpassed. Faculty and staff raised close to $1.1 million — a 439-per-cent increase over the previous campaign!

“There is a huge need for funds to support graduate students, to provide bursaries for undergrads, to develop and/or enhance programs, and to fund research initiatives,” Dudeck said. “We can help ensure that Concordia continues to offer a richer educational experience than what government funding would provide. We have a role to play, and I know from my own experience that staff takes this to heart.”

Departments or areas are encouraged to come up with giving projects such as student awards, department development funds, building funds, library acquisitions, athletics, or for the University Priority Fund, which supports priority university projects. Staff in Marketing Communications and Information Desk have already completed their canvassing with a 100-per-cent participation rate, and are targeting their funds towards a staff-endowed scholarship.

To help spur staff ardour, there will be a weekly draw of a $50 gift certificate from Tristan and America beginning April 15. All staff donors who are presently giving or have filled out a pledge form will be eligible. There will be a grand prize draw at the campaign closing at the end of May. There are also some surprise events that will be announced in the weeks to come.

Pledges can be made by payroll deduction (the most cost-effective way) or by credit card or cheque. If you want to review your donor history, you can contact Dorothy Massimo at 848-4979 or dmassimo@alcor.concordia.ca.