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September 14, 2000 Senate Notes




A regular meeting of the Concordia University Senate, held Sept. 15, 2000.

State of the university and new funding formula: Please see Concordia holding its own in finances.

Enrolment: All four Faculties show an increase in undergraduates, ranging from 0.8 per cent in Arts and Science to 9.8 per cent in Engineering. (In terms of full-time equivalent students, .05 per cent for Arts and Science and 15 per cent for Engineering.) Registrar Lynne Prendergast said her office has been working for a year with IITS to establish a model that tracks the enrolment of graduate students, with considerable success.

Student life: From September 26 to October 13, the Concordia Student Union is conducting a referendum on accreditation. An accreditation agent from the Ministry of Education, Guy Major, was invited to explain the issue to Senate. Because of the low turnout for most student elections, student representatives presented a motion to Senate allowing polls to be conducted during classes. In the long discussion that ensued, the student assured faculty members that the previous time this procedure was followed, in February 1999, it was not disruptive; that only voting, not proselytizing, would take place; that the polling teams are highly efficient, and double teams can be sent to the largest classes; and that faculty members would not have to sign as witnesses of the voting. Supporters of the motion said it is “the only way to reach our membership,” and urged senators to “support democracy”; a disgruntled engineering student shot back, “When you vote [in federal or provincial elections], people don’t come to your house.” The motion was passed.

The secretary of Senate is Danielle Tessier, 848-7319. Next meeting: October 13.








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