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September 28, 2000 Accreditation sought by Concordia Student Union





The Concordia Student Union (CSU) is seeking approval from undergraduate students across the university for accreditation from the Quebec Ministry of Education.

While the university administration has always given the CSU and its predecessor, CUSA, virtually the rights they would have as an accredited student association (e.g. the right to collect student fees and the sole right to name representatives to the Board of Governors and Senate), accreditation would enshrine these rights in law. Most Quebec university student associations are already accredited.

The CSU sought students’ approval of an accreditation bid in February 1999, but failed to achieve the quorum required, 25 per cent of all eligible voters in favour. This referendum will take place during the period September 26 to October 12. There will be fixed and mobile polls.

CASA, the Commerce and Administration Students Association, and the ECA, the Engineering and Computer Science Association, are accredited at the Faculty level; they collect fees from their own students and appoint representatives to Faculty bodies.

However, CSU accreditation would potentially give the CSU the right to collect from all undergraduate students. As a result, commerce and engineering students would have to pay fees to both their Faculty association and the CSU.








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