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September 28, 2000   Arts and Science honours top scholars



Presenting this year's Arts and Science scholars:

Lori-Lynn Brigden, Applied Human Sciences

Carol Ann Chatland, Applied Human Sciences

Wendy A. Cross, Applied Human Sciences

Christine Daigle, Applied Human Sciences

Annette Goldman, Applied Human Sciences

Rozanne Koffler, Applied Human Sciences

Linda Massie, Applied Human Sciences

Siobhan McSharry, Applied Human Sciences

Sandra J. Robinson, Applied Human Sciences

Elaine Rosenberg, Applied Human Sciences

Shayna Dalia Aster, Biology

Gregory N. Cormack, Biology

Penny Gingrich, Biology, Science College

Rola Hamad, Biology

Amir Hossein Mousavifar, Biology

Dang Phuc Tran, Biology

Laura Weir, Biology, Science College

Ruba Benini, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Travis R. L. Chalmers, Chemistry
and Biochemistry, Science College

Rose-Mary Cianflone, Chemistry and Biochemistry

James Magee, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Raffi Tonikian, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Science College

Ettore Corsi, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Jeanne-Mance Côté, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Romina Di Pasquale, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Mario Gingras, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Maria Graciela Giordano, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Ferial F. Karam, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Nathalie Lachance, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Judith E. Longacre, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Anna Michelle Pitts, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Mark C. Roche, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Gertrud M. Simpson, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

François Veilleux, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Viktoriya Vodenitcharova, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Sarah Katherine Gibson, Communication Studies

Valerie Adelson, Economics

K. Gabriella Autmezguine, Economics

Marissa Ginn, Economics

Marleigh Greaney, Economics

Katherine A.L. Monahan, Economics

Donghui Wang, Economics

Sandra M. Macpherson, Education

Saundra Tobman, Education

Mahim Maher, English

Tanya Schuh, English

Alexandra Stockwell, English, Liberal Arts College

Heather Helene Farias, English, TESL

Carol M. Arsenault, Études françaises

Anne-Marie Comeau, Études françaises, Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Conception Cortacans Genolla, Études françaises

Renata Isajlovic, Études françaises

Isabelle Martin, Études françaises

Jody Salicco, Études françaises

François Thibault , Études françaises

Pui San Tian, Études françaises

Louise Villemaire, Études françaises

Shane David Hadlock, Exercise Science

Sabrina Mackinnon, Exercise Science

Ilana Osten, Exercise Science

Cynthia Wright-Paradis, Exercise Science

Janice Brahney, Geography

Martine Gosselin, Liberal Arts College

Giuseppina Boggia, Mathematics & Statistics

Jennifer Boghen, Mathematics & Statistics

C. Marie-Andrée Boucher, Mathematics & Statistics

Derek Brennan, Mathematics & Statistics

Jeffrey Clair, Mathematics & Statistics

Rodica Luciana Culinescu, Mathematics & Statistics

Maude-Marie Dorval, Mathematics & Statistics

Antoni Forgues, Mathematics & Statistics

Brian David Knoepfel, Mathematics & Statistics

Folly Virgile Kpodar, Mathematics & Statistics

Charles Lemieux, Mathematics & Statistics

Jun Li, Mathematics & Statistics

Dylan Elliot Moser, Mathematics & Statistics

Elisabeth Prince, Mathematics & Statistics

Cheyen Quach, Mathematics & Statistics

Caroline Anne Sasseville, Mathematics & Statistics

Carl Slater, Mathematics & Statistics

Liana St.Laurent, Mathematics & Statistics

Ludmila Tutunik, Mathematics & Statistics

Stephanie Boluk, Philosophy, Liberal Arts College

Simon A. Orpana, Philosophy

Parissa Porter, Philosophy

George F. Classen, Physics

Igor Khavkine, Physics

Hussein Assaf, Political Science

Cristina Maria Romanelli, Political Science

Robert Tkaczyk, Political Science

Wai Men Noel Chung, Psychology

Cesar Del Rio, Psychology

Sirad Deria, Psychology

Nicholas Dobbek, Psychology, Science College

C.M. Chantal Legault, Psychology

Monica Levine, Psychology

Rose Helen Matousek, Psychology, Science College

Stephanie Mintz, Psychology

Nathalie Pellerin, Psychology

Eli Puterman, Psychology

Joanne Bouchard, Sociology and Anthropology

Mary Frances Maheu, Sociology and Anthropology

Gwendolyn J. Lloyd-Smith, TESL


For the first time, the Faculty of Arts and Science has honoured its highest-achieving returning students at an awards ceremony.

Each of this year’s 104 Arts and Science Scholars will receive a certificate of achievement and a $250 prize, based on their grade-point averages during the 1999-2000 year. More than 900 students in the Faculty scored a grade-point average of 3.75 or better to place themselves on the Dean’s List. (The highest achievable GPA is 4.3.)

“At the Faculty of Arts and Science, we often talk about our outstanding programs and our outstanding professors, but we also need to recognize our outstanding students,” Dean Martin Singer said at the ceremony, held September 14 at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. “This is a perfect opportunity to salute our highest achievers and offer them moral and financial support.”

The prize money comes from alumni, staff and faculty donations to Concordia’s Annual Giving Campaign and is designed to enrich the students’ academic lives and support student initiatives. The money is administered in the Arts and Science Faculty Development Fund.

At the ceremony, the Faculty of Arts and Science also awarded scholarships of $5,000 each to 10 new students who are not residents or citizens of Canada. Again, this is a new initiative for the Faculty of Arts and Science and comes about as a result of the decision to privatize the fees of its international students.

Space does not permit us to publish the 104 Arts and Science scholars, but the list will be available soon on CTR Online: http://pr.concordia.ca/CTR

- Derek Cassoff



The Faculty of Arts and Science presented entrance scholarships to 10 international undergraduate students, including seven who were present to receive their awards at the Faculty's recent Arts and Science Scholars Awards evening. From left to right are Sarah Kelly, Nan Wang, Mohammed Salameh Nabulsi, Harriet Wezena, Dean of the Faculty Martin Singer, Janet Forest, Rita Intardonato, Evangelos Kramvis, and Cam Gentile, Chair of the Faculty's External Advisory Board. Missing from the photo are Olena Bykova, Angela Clinton and Amira Shaker.








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