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Richard Diubaldo, who helped double Concordia's enrolment in non-credit courses over a decade, is turning his recruitment skills to the service of the university as a whole.

Diubaldo, who was Director of Concordia's Centre for Continuing Education during a period of considerable growth, has been named Director of Recruitment for a one-year term. He replaces Ann Vroom, who had held the position from the time it was created last fall. (See Ann Vroom.)

Diubaldo is a historian who has taught at Acadia, Carleton and McGill Universities and the State University of New York, as well as Concordia. At one time, he headed Concordia's Centre for Mature Students. He has written three books, including a prize-winning study of Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson.

Supporting the Faculties

The Office of Recruitment was created in the wake of an exhaustive internal study of the various recruitment efforts being made throughout the university. Recruitment has become fairly decentralized in recent years, and the new Office, which reports to Vice-Rector Services Michael Di Grappa, will support these efforts in the Faculties.

Diubaldo had to hit the ground running when he took on his duties in July. His predecessor had laid excellent groundwork in terms of an administrative structure, but no time could be lost hiring personnel in order to be ready for the busy fall recruitment season.

"We have events scheduled almost every day from mid-September to early December," Diubaldo said recently, flipping through a calendar filled with education fairs and visits to schools.

La Tournée

Concordia is represented in La TournŽe, an extended tour of Quebec CEGEPs, co-ordinated with other universities. The three Quebec English-language universities tour secondary schools in Ontario, the Maritimes, and British Columbia. Concordia also visits schools from New England and as far south as Washington, D.C. In the past two months,

Diubaldo has been assisted by Danielle Skene and Jo-Ann Oberg-Müller. Danielle assumed duties as administrative assistant to keep the office running smoothly, and Jo-Ann has brought almost 19 years of recruitment/liaison experience to the project. Maria Ponte, formerly of the Alumni office, has just been appointed co-ordinator of the Welcome Centre.

Bernard Pomerleau, a native of Edmonton who has seven years' experience at the University of Alberta's Faculté St-Jean, has been hired as manager of the Recruitment Office. The manager of communications for the unit will be Karen Ditty, who has written for The Gazette and edited Sailing magazine ("and got much of her training through Cont Ed," Diubaldo added proudly). Two recruitment officers are being hired, and will work closely with their colleagues in the Faculties.

The former Bank of Montreal branch in the Guy Metro Building on de Maisonneuve Blvd. will eventually become the Welcome Centre to greet potential students and others wishing to tour the university. It could also be used by others at the university as a venue for small receptions or seminars.

"It could be decorated as a showcase of Concordia, past, present and future," added Diubaldo, who has designed several interpretation centres for the National Historic Sites Service.

- Barbara Black









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