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October 26, 2000 Letters to the editor



Give Fellows their due

You report [CTR, Sept. 28] that Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada have the right to the initials F.R.S.C. after their name.

Not in Concordia, however! You will find none in the calendar.

This policy differs from that of the University of British Columbia, as can be seen at http://www.ubc.ca

I hope that Messrs. Bédard, Lightstone, Lowy, and Ms. Foster and Ms. Prendergast can provide an acceptable reason for this policy or will change it.

John McKay, FRSC

Registrar Lynne Prendergast replies:

I would like to congratulate you on becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Over a decade ago, a task force was struck to review and recommend changes to the undergraduate calendar. [It was decided] to list only degrees received and to not include other awards or recognition in the sections of the calendar that contain the list of faculty, members of the Board, senior administrative officers, etc. The rationale, in part, is the need for absolute accuracy, a mammoth task just in the area of degree designation.