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October 26, 2000 Centraide initiative pull in bucks



Photo of Roberto Chen-Rangel washing a car

Above, Roberto Chen-Rangel cleans up; below, it's Bill Curran at work.

Photo of Bill Curran washing a car

Around the campus, volunteer fundraisers are coming up with fun ideas to raise cash and awareness of Centraide, the lifeline for 250 Montreal community agencies.

Under the leadership of Frances Weller, IITS had its second annual Pizza Lunch and raised more than $200.

Recreation and Athletics has been passing the bucket at Stingers’ football games. They have raised $535 at two games so far.

The big squeegee squeeze took place outside the parking garage last Thursday morning, and it started very early, at 6:30 a.m.

“The first person to drive into the garage was a student, and she was startled when I jumped out to wash her windows,” said Patricia Posius, who organized the scrub session.

She had a great team with her: Allyson Noftall, Nadia Magliano, Roberto Chen-Rangel, Bill Curran, Lorraine Toscano and Steven Zulkarnian. Their vigorous efforts raised $375.

A squeegee day is being held this morning in the Bryan parking lot at Loyola.

Ann M. Bennett reports that we need to receive more pledges to achieve our modest goal of 15-per-cent participation. Be generous. Your contribution to Centraide through a payroll deduction may be little more than the cost of a cup of coffee (and do you need more coffee?), but it could put a smile on a child’s face, or help a single mother hang on for another week.

Here’s a reward for your generosity. Harry Zarins, Director of Recreation and Athletics, is giving every Centraide donor two tickets to three games on Saturday, November 11. At 2, the Stingers play Laval in women’s basketball; at 3, the hockey team plays Ottawa, and at 4, the men’s basketball team plays Laval. Tickets will arrive by internal mail to all donors.

- Barbara Black

Winners of draw for donors to Centraide:

Friday, October 13:

Gary Boyd (Education) won a Concordia sweatshirt.

John Barrett (Vanier Library) won a dinner for two at
Winnie’s Pub.

Ghislaine Leclerc
(Physical Resources) won a Coffee/Calling Card Gift Pack from Bell.

Bram Freedman (Legal Counsel) won a Montreal Museum of Fine Arts gift pack.
Manon Tremblay (Centre for Native Education) won a Sony audio stand.

Friday, October 20:

Sandra Hoffman (Library) won a “Lunch with the Coach” in the
Faculty and Staff Dining Room at Loyola.

Ghislaine Leclerc (Physical Resources) won a second time! This time it was a meal at the Sir Winston Churchill Pub on Crescent St.

Eyvind C. Ronquest
(English) won a Concordia sweatshirt.

Phyllis Webster (Psychology/CSBN) won a Coffee/Calling Card Gift Pack from Bell.

Louyse Lussier (Dean of Students Office) won a Stingers hockey jersey.

Remember, if you didn’t win in these draws, you’re eligible for the next ones, held every Friday afternoon in Human Resources. Send your Centraide pledge form to Jane Scribner, Human Resources, ER-501-1.

Big prize in the November 3 draw: Two return airline tickets to Florida, donated by Foreman-Ideal Travel.