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October 26, 2000 In Brief





Johanne De Cubellis has been appointed Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services.
She will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of this large unit, which comprises five departments: Conference Services, Food Services, Mail Services, Printing Services and Parking Services.

Prior to this appointment, Johanne was Coordinator with the Department of Marketing Communications. She is trilingual, and as director Bob MacIver said in making the announcement, will bring high energy, an effusive personality and conscientiousness to her new post. We wish Johanne all the best.

Beta Gamma Sigma Society

Congratulations to the following Commerce and Administration graduates, who were welcomed into the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honour Society at a ceremony on November 1 in the DeS¸ve Cinema. The Society admits only the top 15,000 of the 300,000 students who graduate each year from schools accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.

Donalyn Adams, Peter-Bill Aliftiras, Sumita Banerjee , Michael Barbara, Serge Bergeron, Eileen Colella, Igal S. Corcos, Bernard Cormier, Claudia Natasha Crisalli, Michal Czerwonko, Julie Duval, Hala El-Khaldi, Iannick Fallu, Christopher Feret, Sonia Gaudio, Tania Goffredo, Noubar Karadjian, Howard David Klein, Linda M. Laing, Jean-Michel Langlois, Man Yee Angela Lee, Katia Lara Major, Jason Eric Manel, Jason Markandu, Jean-Pierre Michaud, Denis Montpetit, Yumi Nagae, Tuong Bao Nguyen, Justin Nightingale, Viktor Obst, Michael Steve Paladino, Susy Pereira, Juan Manuel Ramirez, Julie C. Ricketts, Candace Lauren Seniw, Ming Shen, Jordana Sherman, Marianne Sheshko, Jacqueline Singer, Michael Adam Smith, Marcos Tarnowski, Rami Tout, Maxime Villeneuve, John G. Vongas, Michael Zarwanitzer

Jacques Chausse, Christian Cyr, David De Baudus, Ian Gurekian, Pierre Guy, Claudia Jaramillo, Barbara Joan Leard, Asimina E. Michaelides, Leonard Pinkas, Veronica Promyshlianskaia Martynov, Naz Rahman, Tara Ramsaran, Lorraine S. Robillard, Alain P.A. Roy, Victoria Cruz Santorcaz, Shadi Shuraida, Denise Tam, Annamaria Testani

Graduate Diplomas
Patrick L. Devey, Giuseppe Funiciello, Tamara Medwidsky, Nancy Ouellet, Begona Pereira, Roxane Roubeiz, Patricia Sidhom, Etienne Tardif, Marilyn Trattner, Lee Wohl, Mary Zyglakis

Ian Rakita

Faculty Members
Arshad Ahmad, Jamshid Etezadi Amoli, Clarence S. Bayne, Muhammad Jamal, Michel L. Magnan, Robert J. Oppenheimer, Jerry A. Rosenblatt

Irish Studies receives gift

The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation, which has established an Irish Studies program at Concordia, has announced a gift of $20,000 from the City of Montreal.

Through this endowment, the city’s contribution will enable the program to grant a $1,000 scholarship in perpetuity.