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October 26, 2000 Science at Stewart Hall



Stewart Hall, the gracious old waterfront residence that is now Pointe Claire’s cultural centre, was packed with children and their parents all last weekend. They were there to see Concordia’s annual science and engineering exhibition, and this year it was more extensive than ever.

Physicists demonstrated magnetism and static electricity. Chemists and biochemists showed off molecular modelling, chemical colour changes, liquid nitrogen, onion DNA and some of the peculiar properties of ice cream.

Biology contributed fresh-water ecology, genomics, entomology, and information about snakes, including a live visit.

The geographers demonstrated their computerized mapping and urban development, and the geologists mounted exhibits on paleontology, mining, minerals and fossils.

Students in Computer Science and the Digital Image/Sound program in Fine Arts showed their projects; one provided a chance to fit outfits on an animated model. Students in Mechanical Engineering explained vehicles that run on alternative fuel systems.

Young visitors enjoyed trying the tests provided by the Exercise Science Department, including the starting blocks used at the Olympic Games.

Appropriately for this West Island residential area, there was an exhibit on hazardous materials in the household. Students in Civil Engineering displayed popsicle-stick models from the annual bridge-building competition.

There were prizes for the young visitors, and for the first time, our new Recruitment Office had staff on hand to answer questions about Concordia’s programs.