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October 26, 2000 Teachers play to help students



Students at high levels of music study have a unique problem, in that many of them cannot complete their work alone. Pianists are the lucky ones, because they need no one else when they play, but singers or violinists need an experienced and versatile accompanist in order to truly learn and perform their repertoire.

Concordia’s unique Advanced Music Performance Studies program attracts very fine emerging musicians. They come to apprentice with some of Montreal’s best-known performers and teachers — Eleonora and Yuli Turovsky, Gregory Chaverdian, Lauretta Altman, Claude Richard, Hélène Gagné, Liselyn Adams, Valerie Kinslow and Beverly McGuire. Unfortunately, due to serious budget cuts, the cost of accompanists is now being borne by the students themselves.

Liselyn Adams, the director of the program, has decided to take matters into her own hands. She will present three concerts during this academic year, performing with other faculty members to benefit the diploma students. The musicians are donating their services, and all the proceeds will go towards providing experienced accompanists to work with these wonderful young musicians.

In the first concert on November 19, flautist Liselyn Adams will be joined by cellist Hélène Gagné and pianist Pamela Reimer in a program that includes a delightful trio by Jean Françaix, written near the end of his life in 1997. This piece is full of good humour, rhythmic twists and turns, and Françaix’s memorable melodies.

The trio will also perform Denis Gougeon’s suite privée — an intimate conversation for three — and Norman Dello Joio’s energetic and powerful trio. The delicious Epitaphe pour Jean Harlow by Charles Koechlin will complete the program with a bow to the heyday of Hollywood beauties. The concert will be punctuated by useful tidbits of information about the composers and the pieces.

Two more concerts will follow on January 28 and March 11. Students in the Diploma program who will be enjoying the help generated by these benefit events can be heard November 23, December 16 and 17, and on many occasions through the end of April and into early May. Check the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall schedule on the Web or the Back Page of CTR for details.