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November 23, 2000 Digital labs consolidated in the Hall Building


Photo of students in a lab

IITS Sound Studios have just relocated from the Visual Arts Building to the third floor of the Henry F. Hall Building.

Roger Tyrrell, Manager of Academic Facilities and Services, explained, “While it was part of the long-term plan to bring the Digital Sound and Media labs together, we had to speed things up considerably because of foundation problems in the VA Building.”

The move is a good one, Tyrrell said. “It makes more sense to have the two facilities in the same place. A major move like this is usually done in the summer, but we moved three of the studios in only four days because courses were depending on them.”

Both facilities are part of the general services provided by IITS (Instructional and Information Technology Services) for the university, including students, faculty and staff.

The revamped facilities include 11 digital video workstations, six graphic stations, three sound-design stations and a mixing studio, all on the third floor. Also, there’s a recording studio located in the basement of the Hall Building, and another one located in AD-109 on the Loyola Campus.”

The new arrangement will greatly facilitate the production of materials that increasingly rely upon fluid communication between high-end audio, video and graphics stations.

Tyrrell said that the Media and Sound Studios area welcomes faculty, staff and students from all disciplines to come and learn to use this rapidly evolving technology that has become central to the future of education.

“Our open-access policy allows anyone, regardless of their department or course, to take workshops, and make use of our equipment, software and technical expertise,” said Michael Boyce, Media Development Manager.

“We particularly encourage faculty whose students’ work requires the use of these technologies to come and visit, with or without their students, and even to teach a class in our area.”

For more information, please contact Charles Belanger, Media Labs, 848-3473, or Mark Sherman, Sound Studios, 848-3449.