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November 23, 2000 New senior salaries policy adopted




The policy adopted at the Board meeting on November 15 provides the following salary range for new senior administrators and any incumbents who have yet to begin a second term:

Rector and
$160,000 - $195,000

Provost and Vice-
Rector, Research
$130,000 - $155,000

Institutional Relations/ Secretary-General
$130,000 - $155,000

Vice-Rector, Services
$115,000 - $135,000

Chief Financial Officer
$115,000 - $125,000

Dean, Arts and Science
$115,000 - $145,000

Dean, Commerce
and Administration
$115,000 - $155,000

Dean, Engineering and
Computer Science
$115,000 - $140,000

Dean, Fine Arts
$115,000 - $135,000

Dean, Graduate Studies
and Research
$115,000 - $135,000

The Board of Governors has adopted a new salary scale for senior administrators, taking into account their workload and responsibilities, and the increases awarded in recent years to other Concordia employees and the administrators of other universities.

This was the first review of senior salaries in six years. Salaries were frozen in 1994, when drastic cuts to the operating budget began to be felt. Now the financial crisis appears to have passed.

Comparisons with other Quebec universities show that Concordia’s senior administration is lean, with only three vice-rectors and five deans, and the range in their salaries has traditionally been narrow. Academic base salaries are catching up to administrative salaries, and the case of one professor administrator, has surpassed it.

A professor administrator (member of the Concordia University Faculty Association) who finishes a single term and is not re-appointed will get a one-year administrative leave at the average salary earned during the administrative term.

If re-appointed to a second term, he or she will receive the monetary equivalent of six months of administrative leave payable over the course of the second term. At the end of the second term, the administrator will get one year’s administrative leave. (In other words, no more than one year’s administrative leave can be taken.)

A number of additional benefits, such as car allowances, club memberships and a modest professional development allowance, are included in the salaries package.

It was created by the senior salaries committee of the Board of Governors, which comprises Lillian Vineberg (chair), Richard Renaud, Frederick Lowy, June Chaikelson, Leo Goldfarb, Eric Molson, John Parisella and Rabih Sebaaly.