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March 1, 2001 Celebrate National Engineering Week



Open House - March 5 to 9
For an information session and tour, please call Student Recruitment, at 848-4779.

March 5 - Women in Engineering - Hall Building, 7th Floor
Designed to encourage female high school and CEGEP students to pursue studies in the sciences and engineering, this event dates back to 1993 and was formerly known as Engineers of Tomorrow. This year’s keynote speaker is Deborah Wolfe, Director, Educational Affairs, Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, and a former military engineer.

March 6 - ECA Societies and Clubs Exhibition Day- Hall Building, 7th Floor
More than ever, student involvement is an integral part of university life. These associations organize activities, conferences and company tours, which complement the textbook theory and classroom experience component of engineering education.

March 7 - The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Activity Day -
Hall Building, Mezzanine

Concordia has an active student-run branch of the international Society of Automotive Engineers. It is composed of students from all engineering disciplines who have a common interest in building and designing on- and off-road vehicles, as well as airplanes. The SAE will demonstrate the various vehicles used in their student competitions and will hold an interactive video car-racing challenge, a power-tools skills competition, and various workshops.

March 8 Concordia Robowars - Hall Building, H-110 (Auditorium)
Robowars is a robotics competition open to all CEGEPS and universities across Canada. Students’ ability to design self-contained, innovative remote-control robots are put to the test in this challenge. This year’s competition includes the classic Sumo Wrestling event for the intermediate robot builders, the new Solar Roller event for the novice builder, and the new RoboArt competition for those with creative minds.

March 9 -17 - Annual Bridge Building Competition
Library Building, Atrium / Hall Building, H-110 (Auditorium)

After 17 years, Concordia’s Bridge Building Competition is still going strong. See how the future builders of tomorrow incorporate ingenuity, creativity and engineering skills to construct sturdy and aesthetically appealing bridges. In past years, some of the structures have successfully withstood maximum load capacities of over 2,000 kg. when submitted to the hydraulic “Crusher.” It’s a finale you won’t want to miss!