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March 1, 2001 Concordia tops in energy conservation





Staff members of the Utilities and Energy Conservation group.


Staff members of the Utilities and Energy Conservation group were photographed in the huge boiler room below the Hall Building. They are Josef Belafi, Jacques Castelletti, Martin Dicaire, Noel Denault, Olivier Désilets, Stéphan Drolet, Richard Guertin, Joe Luciano, Pierre Marchand, Marilyne Moreau, Pierre Pilotte and Robert Pouliot. Unfortunately absent for the photo were Pierre Bégin, Robert Bertrand, Jacques Bourque, Yves Gilbert, Michel Jolicoeur, Nancy Labrecque and Sylvain Vaillancourt.

Photo by Andrew Dobrowolskyj

Yves Gilbert, Director of Utilities and Energy Conservation, explains:

“For each fiscal year, each university has to submit to the Ministry of Education its energy consumption and cost figures. The Ministry uses this data to send to universities a comparative report of the energy consumption and costs for all universities in the province of Quebec. This report is titled Performance énergétique des bâtiments pour le universitaire.

“The last report, for fiscal year 1998-99, lists 16 universities. The six largest ones are Concordia, Laval, McGill, Université de Montréal, UQAM, and Sherbrooke. The other ones are much smaller.

“Among those six largest universities, Concordia is the most energy-efficient one, the efficiency being measured in terms of Gigajoules per square meter (GJ/m2).

“Concordia has used 1.14 GJ/m2 for 1998-99, while our closest competitor among the largest universities, UQAM, used 1.50 GJ/m2 (31.5 per cent more than Concordia) during the same period, a significant difference. Concordia had also the best energy performance in 1997-98, and in 1996-97.

“Over the years, we significantly reduced our energy consumption despite severe budget constraints; also the personnel of the Utilities and Energy Conservation Department was significantly reduced.

“No major capital investment in energy conservation projects was needed to achieve this kind of performance.”