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March 1, 2001 Board discusses interim evaluations





by Laurie Zack

At their February 21 meeting, the Board of Governors spent some time debating the interim evaluation procedures for the three deans (Arts and Science, Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate Studies) who are in the penultimate year of their mandate. The evaluation committees will determine whether a full search, which entails both time and expense, is warranted.

After discussion, two amendments were passed dealing with the representation of administrative and support staff and part-time faculty on the proposed nine-member evaluation committee.

Board members voted to allow more flexibility in the selection of a staff representative by stipulating that administrative and support staff members should be nominated by the Electoral College, “preferably from the relevant unit” (i.e., Faculty).

The amendment addressed concerns about limiting the selection of staff members only to the relevant unit and the possibility of there being excellent staff candidates available elsewhere in the university. It also addressed some concerns about staff evaluating the deans to whom they report.

Likewise, part-time faculty union concerns about applying their own electoral process to the selection of a representative as opposed to relying on the Faculty Councils to choose a representative were dealt with by amending the original resolution.

Rector Frederick Lowy also spoke about more input in the evaluation process from outside the Faculty by explaining the participation of an external advisor (a dean from outside the university) who, although not a member of the evaluation committee, would act as a consultant and resource person in the evaluation process.

The resolution approving the interim evaluation process for the positions, incorporating the two amendments, and a resolution outlining the timetable for the evaluation and possible search for these positions were passed by the Board.

In her report to the Board, the chair of the collective bargaining committee, Marianne Donaldson, reported that with the recent agreements with the trades, maintenance and distribution workers, ACUMAE and Vanier Library workers, all Concordia union have now signed agreements.

Vice-Rector Marcel Danis clarified this, saying that all existing agreements except one run until 2002, but that he has offered unions the possibility of beginning negotiation immediately on their next collective agreements. Negotiations with CUFA will begin shortly.

In response to questions from Board members about the recent incidents with campus recruiters (see letter on this page), General Counsel Bram Freedman explained that a complaint has been filed under the Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

He explained that there are several possibilities, including an informal resolution mechanism or a formal hearing procedure before a board. In the case of Code violation, there is a wide range of sanctions available, ranging from letters of reprimand to fines, suspensions and even expulsion.
Vice-Rector Michael Di Grappa said that security measures would be reviewed to ensure that the rights of guests at the university are properly respected.