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February 8, 2001 Census Week to track equity at universities




A letter from the Rector

Dear Colleagues,

For more than 20 years, Concordia University has been committed to Employment Equity and to achieving a diversified and representative workforce.

Towards accomplishing that goal, special emphasis is being placed upon preventing and correcting any disadvantage in employment experienced by women, persons with disabilities, people of First Nations ancestry, or persons who are in a minority in Canada or in Quebec because of their race, colour or mother tongue.

Maintaining information about the Concordia workforce enables the Office for Equity Programs to recommend ways to improve and to implement the university’s Equity Plan.

In the next few days, you will receive a self-identification questionnaire. Its purpose is to determine the level of representation in the university workforce of the groups mentioned above. Your response will be used solely for the purposes of the Employment Equity Program and will be treated in strict confidence.

Aggregates of this information will be used in reports the university must submit to the Federal Contractors Administration and to the Quebec Human Rights Commission, who administer the new provincial Act Respecting Equal Access to Employment in Public Bodies.

The questionnaire is in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and those of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Concordia’s unions and employee associations, through their representatives on the Rector’s Employment Equity Advisory Board, participated in the development of the Census and the supporting documentation.

I urge you to complete the questionnaire and to return it in the pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope provided in the Census package as soon as you receive it. Our aim is a 90-per-cent rate of return.

Even if you choose not to fill out the questionnaire, please return it in the envelope provided.
Please address additional questions on the questionnaire or accompanying documentation to Nicole Saltiel, Director, Equity Programs, -4866, e-mail: saltiel@vax2.concordia.ca.
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Frederick Lowy
Rector and Vice-Chancellor