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February 8, 2001 Art Matters gives artists a dry run at real life



by Anna Bratulic

Tired of the reputation for careless bohemianism that clings to artists, a group of Fine Arts students at Concordia are organizing Art Matters, a festival which will showcase student works in a professional setting.

“For once, this is going to be an event where Fine Arts students are getting together, and it’s not going to be a protest,” said Michael Golden, one of the organizers. He thinks that many young artists feel the picket sign is the only way to get a point across.

“Art students really like to take a political stand, but they often don’t have an outlet through school.” He’d like to see them expressing their opinions with the tools of their future trade.

All students (not just those in Fine Arts) were invited to submit project proposals. The organizers received about 60, involving a total of about 400 students, by the deadline, January 15. Interdisciplinary projects were especially encouraged — for example, Music students putting together the sound track for a student film.

Selections based in large part on the professionalism of the proposals submitted, because writing proposals for grants is an important skill for an artist. While some were impressive, Golden said, other submissions had a long way to go.

“Some looked like they were handed in at the last minute. You can’t just say, ‘I’m an artist, I want to show my work, I need $10,000 to do this.’” Organizers hope this will give students a small taste of what it takes to live an artist’s life.

Art Matters runs from March 5 to 16 and will take place at various locations on both campuses, plus some external venues. For more information, contact Michael Golden at 848-7457 or at artmattersconcordia@yahoo.com.