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November 23, 2000



A regular meeting of the Concordia University Senate, held December 1, 2000

Rector’s remarks: Dr. Lowy said that an advisory committee on science and technology has recommended that the federal funding agencies support indirect costs of research; if this is implemented, it would be worth $2.5M per year to Concordia, assuming we maintain the same level of research.

Research Fellows: Irene Whittome and Suong Van Hoa have been named Concordia University Research Fellows for 2001.

Operating budget, 2000-2001: Chief Financial Officer Larry English reported that although a $3M deficit was forecast, this figure has been adjusted to $1.7M. Items that increased expenditures included a budget deficit in Fine Arts, the costs of the 25th anniversary celebrations, and $3M in expenses incurred by the recent successful capital campaign. Items that improved the financial position were an infusion of funding by the Quebec government, and lower than anticipated costs of the early retirement programs. He supplied documentation for the latest budget figures and projections. He also explained implementation of the new funding formula, which recognizes actual costs and specifically targets funding (although administrators have taken issue with the weighting of certain disciplines). The budget for this year was approved.

Administrative fee: Last year, the Concordia Student Union negotiated postponement of a $3-per-credit addition to the administrative fee that now stands at $9 per credit. Provost Jack Lightstone moved that Senate recommend to the Board that this postponement be maintained for the next year, 2001-2002. Carried.

Curriculum changes: Major curriculum changes, undergraduate and graduate, were passed without discussion.

Search procedures: The resolutions that came out of Senate’s discussion of the rules and procedures included evaluation of the incumbent (which, if favourable, would obviate a search), a two-term limit with a possible short-term extension, and no reduction of full-time faculty representatives on search committees. These resolutions were carried with little discussion and will be forwarded to the Board of Governors. Lightstone said that the task force would work quickly to recommend evaluation procedures, as three decanal terms come to an end in May 2001.

Next meeting: January 19.